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We have a thriving Youth section for players from Age 9, Back to Netball for Adults who are new to netball or haven't played for ages and our main Adult section.  We welcome players of all ages and all standards of play from complete beginners to the most experienced.

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Our latest news

Blaze Kit shop

Posted 11 November 2014

Blaze Kit shop is ready and online! Visit 'All Things Kit' in the members area to acces …

Happy Birthday BLAZE

Posted 17 September 2017

We are 10 this year! To celebreate we are looking to hold a fun tournament with drinks …

WLJNL dates for 2017/8

Posted 4 September 2017

WLJNL dates for 2017/8 …

Training Sep 2017

Posted 4 September 2017

Training returns on Wednesday 6th September …

Our latest results

Date Team Opponent Result
10/12/17 Blaze Lightning U12s ALLSTARS B -
10/12/17 Blaze Lightning U12s ETNC A -
09/12/17 Blaze County Academy B P
06/12/17 Blaze Lightning IKB7 L 21 - 43
06/12/17 Blaze Thunder Grasshoppers B W 31 - 19
04/12/17 Blaze Hurricanes St Josephs W 56 - 48
04/12/17 Blaze Infernos Royal Troopers L 16 - 39
26/11/17 Blaze Black U15s ACADEMY L 2 - 41
26/11/17 Blaze Red U15s ETNC B L 10 - 22
26/11/17 Blaze Black U15s Falcons L 6 - 28
26/11/17 Blaze Red U15s ACADEMY L 8 - 33
26/11/17 Blaze Lights U14s Grasshoppers A L 10 - 14
26/11/17 Blaze Stars U14s ETNC L 4 - 15
26/11/17 Blaze Lights U14s CUMBERLAND W 20 - 7
26/11/17 Blaze Lightning U12s Grasshoppers A L 2 - 21
26/11/17 Blaze Lightning U12s CUMBERLAND W 7 - 2
25/11/17 Blaze County Poly C W 51 - 35
22/11/17 Blaze Thunder Grasshoppers A W 28 - 22
21/11/17 Blaze Stars U14s ETNC U14's -
20/11/17 Blaze Infernos Teddington Thunder W 28 - 18

Upcoming fixtures

Date Team Opponent Fixture
06/01/18 Blaze County Academy B Home
13/01/18 Blaze County AP Saints Home
15/01/18 Blaze Hurricanes Dark Planets Away
17/01/18 Blaze Lightning LNC Blues Away
17/01/18 Blaze Thunder Burns Home
21/01/18 Blaze Tornados HI5s Grasshoppers B Away
21/01/18 Blaze Tornados HI5s ACADEMY Away
21/01/18 Blaze Thunder U12s ACADEMY Away
21/01/18 Blaze Thunder U12s ALLSTARS Away
21/01/18 Blaze Lights U14s Grasshopper B Away
21/01/18 Blaze Stars U14s FALCONS A Away
21/01/18 Blaze Stars U14s CUMBERLAND Away
22/01/18 Blaze Hurricanes Fusion Away
24/01/18 Blaze Lightning Diamonds Away
27/01/18 Blaze County Hyde Park B Home
29/01/18 Blaze Infernos Chasers Home
31/01/18 Blaze Thunder Phoenix Home
05/02/18 Blaze Infernos Breeers Home
07/02/18 Blaze Thunder Breakaways Home
10/02/18 Blaze County Cumberland C Away

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